Success Thoughts on Life Sms

Nice Life Thought: “If you cant forget some things in life, make sure you dont give yourself time to remember them…!!”

When you see a worthy person, endeavor to emulate him. When you see an unworthy person, examine your inner self…..!

The man who learns the art of sharing is the richest man in the world. He may be poor, but his inner being is rich…!

It May Have Many Holes
And Emptiness
If You Work On It Carefully
It Can Play

Thought on lyf- Success in lyf- “U dont hv 2 b
GREAT 2 START bt u hv 2 START 2 b GREAT..”

Nice life thought- “If u cant 4get smthing in life
make sure u dont give urself time 2 remember them..”

Realisation if it occurs at correct time will be so good. Because Realization is not worth If it comes after we lose something….

Live like there is no tomorrow! Constantly move forward and appreciate the motivation for your existence! It has cause! It has meaning! It has reason! Never give up and never look back! Choose to make a meaningful difference in your life and the life of others. Do it every day and DO IT BIG!!!

In life,we all have an unspeakable secret, an irreversible regret, an unkept promise, an unheard request, an irreplaceable loss, an unreachable dream and an unforgettable first love. Still life is being about happy anyhow because everything in life can be summed up in 4 words “life must goes on”.

Hunger wakes you for work,
Failure makes you to achieve,
Poverty pushes you to earn,
Problems keep you alert.
Makes life sweeter & worthier!

Life gives answers in two ways:-
It says YES and gives you what you want.
It says NO and gives you something better.
It says wait and gives you the Best in its own time.

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.

Don’t depend a lot on anyone’s advice..B’coz no one is so experienced than You,About your life..You are the only one going to live and lead your life..

Just three steps to
Enjoy life
1.Control Urself
2.Look for Alternative solution
3.Delete the situation which give you tension…Success Thoughts on Life Sms

Life sometimes takes unknown turn don’t afraid to travel it sometimes that turn will take you to untouched heights on top of the world.

Fact of life :-By the time you realize what your parents said was right…
you will have a kid who begins to think you are wrong.

What looks to be nothing, finally becomes everything, and what is everything finally changes into nothing.. that’s life.. enjoy every moment.

7 Rules to be happy in life:-
1) Never hate,
2) Don’t worry,
3) Live simple
4) Expect a little,
5) Give a lot,
6) Always smile,
7) And keep in touch with GOD…Success Thoughts on Life Sms

Love yourself,
Flirt with ur understanding,
Romance with dreams,
Get engaged with simplicity,
Marry genuineness,
Divorce the ego…
That’s Good Life…

Never break 4 things in life.
It never sounds when it breaks but pains a lot.

A Man Cried When He Had No Shoes.
But He Stopped Crying When He Saw a Man Without Legs
LIFE IS FULL OF BLESSINGS…Success Thoughts on Life Sms

Life is not so bad if you have plenty of luck, a good physique and not too much imagination.

No One Has Traveled The Road of Success Without Crossing The Streets of Failure !!!!!
God Never Promised us Easy Journey in Life.
He Only Promised us Great Destiny….

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.

Only in still waters, does one find undistorted images and only a mind that is calm, one finds the how to overcome the complexities of life.

LIFE comes only once. So enjoy it to its fullest extent. Never be “angry” or “sad”. When you are angry or sad you loose “sixty seconds” of happiness.

When you are up in life,
Your friends get to know who you are.
When you are down in life,
You get to know who your friends are…Success Thoughts on Life Sms

Life is cricket
Don’t lose Ur wicket,
Try 2 get century,
Never 4get Ur boundary,
Even if U r run out,
Never become mood off,
Because God is 3rd umpire.

In The Chase Between Cat & Mouse . . .
The Mouse Wins Mostly, B’coz The Cat Is Running For Its Food & Mouse For Its Life . . .
Remember Purpose Is More Important Than Need.

LiFe Is LiKe
RiDinG BiCycLe . . .
YoU dOn’T FaLl oFf
UnLeSs YoU sToP PeDdLiNg . . .Success Thoughts on Life Sms in English