Praise Sms for Love in English

When all is summed up, a man never speaks of himself without loss; his accusations of himself are always believed, his praises never. – montaign

An actor remembers his first piece of published praise. It is written on his heart. – conrad veidt

It is music to my ears. I have always said that if i were a rich man, i would employ a professional praiser. – osbert sitwell

One who smokes has a smoky heart; one who drinks has an alcoholic heart. So dear u must stop eating sweets as u r already a sweetehart!.

Praise is like sunlight to the human spirit: we

Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.

People praise virtue, but they hate it, they run away from it. It freezes you to death, and in this world you’ve got to keep your feet warm. – denis diderot

Reprove your friends in secret, praise them openly. – publilius syrus

If you see some one without a smile,
Give him one of yours,
Because you are among a few good people,
Who can shine others lives,
By just walking with him a few miles.

I want to praise activists through the years. I praise those of the past as well, to have them honored. – studs terkel

Listening, not imitation, may be the sincerest form of flattery. – dr. Joyce brothers

All praise to the masters indeed, but we too could produce a kant or a hugo. – jose c. Orozco

Praise, like gold and diamonds, owes its value only to its scarcity. – samuel johnson

There is no belittling worse than to over praise a man. – owen feltham

Forgive my eyes for admiring your beauty.
You stole my heart the moment You looked at me,
call me crazy call me insane every time my heart beats it mentions your name.

To see light, look at sun.. to see love look at moon..
to see beauty, look at nature.. to see hope, look at future..
but, to see all of this, look at the mirror….!!!!!!

Appreciative words are the most powerful force for good on earth!. – george w. Crane

I have yet to find the man, however exalted his station, who did not do better work and put forth greater effort under a spirit of approval than under a spirit of criticism. – charles m. Schwab:

When you’ve grown sick of reading and bug-eyed from watching tv, when your friends are all visited out, no words can adequately praise the link to the outside world provided by your parents and family. – lance loud

All that a husband or wife really wants is to be pitied a little, praised a little, and appreciated a little. – oliver goldsmith

Think not those faithful who praise all thy words and actions; but those who kindly reprove thy faults. – socrates

There are two modes of establishing our reputation: to be praised by honest men, and to be abused by rogues. It is best, however, to secure the former, because it will invariably be accompanied by the latter. – charles caleb colton

Not to be cheered by praise, not to be grieved by blame, but to know thoroughly one’s own virtues or powers are the characteristics of an excellent man. – satchel paige

A lady is a woman who makes a man behave like a gentleman. You’re such a lady to me.

Some are made modest by great praise, others insolent. – friedrich nietzsche