Cute & Sweet Miss You Sms in English

I miss your love i miss your touch, but i’m feeling you everyday.

Door of memories will never close.
How much we miss our dears no one knows.
Days will pass like years,
And we will remember
The memories in silent tears.

Nothing hurts more then waiting since i don’t even know what i’m waiting for anymore.

You’ll know that you miss someone very much when every time you think of that person, your heart breaks into pieces and just a quick “hello” from that person can bring the broken pieces back.

R: is for red.
RED: is for blood
BLOOD: is for heart
HEART: is for love
LOVE: is for you
YOU: is for me
ME: is for you.
(((I MISS YOU)))

Whenever I miss you stars falls down
from the sky,so any day,
if you find the sky empty
don’t blame me!It’s your fault
You make me miss you so much! 🙂

Days r too busy. Hours r too few.
Seconds r too fast.
but there is always time,
for me to ask how r u? hope
u r fine.. miss u.

When the night has come and the land’s dark.
When the moon is the only light.
We’ll see, look at the stars
Can you count them?
I miss you that much

Sometimes, I forget to say hi,
Sometimes, I even miss to reply,
Sometimes, my msg doesn’t reach u,
But, it doesn’t mean that I forget u,
I’m just giving u time to miss me!

it feels nice to miss you..
So i m missing you…
it feels nice to think about you..
So i m thinking about you…
it feels nice to disturb you…
So i m disturbing you…
it feels nice to love u..

Days are too Busy;
Hours are too Few;
Seconds are too Fast,
but there is always time for me to ask:
How R U? n Hope u r FINE. MISS U!

There”s no Special reason for this msg,
I just wanna steal a single moment out of ur busy life
& hope I can make u smile n say: I Miss U.

Close ur eyes ….,Relax ur body…. and stop breathing as long as U can…Now breath…I miss u as much as u missed the air….

What a pity! I’m not at your place!
Miles separate me from you
This night in my dreams i’ll see your face
Good night, my angel, i hope you miss me too!

Have learned how to luv, to smile, to b happy, to b strong, to work hard; to b honest, to b faithful, to forgive but i couldn’t learn how to stop missing u.

Now i will go to get a stone and write on it “i miss u” and throw it in to your window. And i will pray that it should hit you in your head so that u will know that is how much i miss u.

I miss u very much,but I know u miss me not. Miss me otherwise u will miss me forever.

No words i write can ever say
How much i miss you everyday.
As time goes by the loneliness grows,
How i miss you… Nobody knows.

Missing you could turn from pain to pleasure, if i knew you were missing me too.

b_s stnd
all r very boring witho_t yo_
I think i miss u…..

9 lessons in life:
learn to care
learn to smile
learn to cry
learn to give
learn to forgive
learn to share
learn to trust
learn to love
n learn to say
u miss me

Ever since you have left i have
realized that a part of one`s
Life is made of someone
else’s life ,

An simple Bye make us cry,
A simple Joke make us laugh,
simple Care make us fall in love.
I hope my simple SMS make you think of me.I Miss U

1 heart
2 eyes
7 liter blood
206 bones
5.5million red cells
60 trillion DNA’s
says to u

I miss your warm eyes,
the way you listen and care.
I miss your kisses
and all that we share
Miss U Dear