Best collection Praise Sms for friends

There’s no praise or acknowledgment paid to women who raise the babies. – sharon gless

I question the value of stars. I think they’re overrated. They get too much money, too much praise. – elia kazan

Sweet things are easy to buy
Sweet words are easy to say
But sweet people like you are very difficult to find
May your whole life be as sweet as you

We seldom praise anyone in good earnest, except such as admire us. – francois de la rochefoucauld

Who cared if there was really any being to pray to? What mattered was the sense of giving thanks and praise, the feeling of a humble and grateful heart. – oliver sacks

Therefore we examine with considerable diligence the consensus of the true, learned, and purer antiquity, and we love and praise the testimonies of the fathers which agree with the scripture. – martin chemnitz

I find the pain of a little censure, even when it is unfounded, is more acute than the pleasure of much praise. – thomas jefferson

We are motivated by a keen desire for praise, and the better a man is the more he is inspired by glory. The very philosophers themselves, even in those books which they write in contempt of glory, inscribe their names. – marcus tullius cicero

You are my dream in my sleep.
You are my vision in my eye.
You are my smile on my lips.
You are beat of my heart.
You are Angel in my prayer.
You are light of my life.

Sweet things are easy to Buy
Sweet words are easy to Say
But sweet people like YOU are very difficult to find
May your whole life be as Sweet as YOU.

A rupee is easy to earn,
a friend is hard to find.
A rupee loses its value,
a friend increases its worth.
I lost a rupee when I SMS You but who cares.
I got a friend like You.

Eyes are not meant for tears and heart is not meant for fear, Never get upset but always cheer Bcoz you are the one who can make people smile for years.

It must have been a rainy day when you were born, but it wasn’t really rain, the sky was crying because it lost his most beautiful angel!

A lady is a woman who makes a man behave like a gentleman. You’re such a lady to me.

One who smokes has a smoky heart; one who drinks has an alcoholic heart. So dear You must STOP eating sweets as You are already a SWEETHEART!

You can be a doctor and save lives, a lawyer and defend lives, a soldier and protect lives or simply be yourself, a sweet person who touches hearts!

Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. You have a nice smile.

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Someone ask me to describe you in two words he expect me to answer The Best but i did not answer i just smiled and said No Comparison.

There are 8 ways to describe you… nice, friendly, so cute, loving, very sweet, funny, charming , thoughtful. In short, you’re just like…. me !

Never change ur originality for sake of others. bcoz no one can play ur role better than you.

There are 20 angels in the world,
10 Are playing,
9 Are sleeping,
1 Is reading this message
And that is You.